Over the last few months here at kc web design kent we’ve been collecting some useful tools and snippets of code and all sorts of interesting links so I thought we’d share some of those for other web designers out there. First on the list is a great little tool for online typography…


Gridlover is a great tool for creating a html text with a perfect modular scale and vertical rhythm. If setting out your text styles while creating a new website design feels tricky then this well designed online tool will help you create those text style just by dragging a few sliders. Very easy to use and the results are pretty good.


Everyone likes a good texture and pattern to use on a website design and Subtle Patterns is the perfect place to find them. There are all kinds of patterns and subtle textures here to use on your website designs and they easy to find and use. You can even download the whole pack to keep on your own resource folders.


One thing I’ve been using more and more when coding website designs these days is Emmet. It used to be called Zen Coding but after a name change and a big update its now better than ever. Learning a new bunch of syntax’s to use while coding websites in your favourite editor (we use Coda 2 here at kc web design kent) takes a little while to learn but once you get used to it it does make certain takes while coding much quicker. Here’s one I use for expanding a list into options for a select list including the value…


It might not seem like much but when you have a select list with lots of options this saves a lot of time! With any complicated expressions like this that I can’t remember instantly I tend to save them as Coda clips so they’re easy to just copy and use.