kc web design kent - pixaI might start doing more product and software reviews. There’s a lot of good stuff out there for OSX and at kc web design Kent we’re always looking out for new apps to make our web design life easier.

The latest gem to get installed on the Macs here at kc web design Kent is Pixa – An image library manager. We’ve used Littlesnapper a lot in the past which does a great job or organising images that you add to Littlesnapper. We tend to use it more for surfing inspiration but there are better online offings now such as Pinterest that allow us to do the same thing but also gives us an easy way to show clients mood boards and collections of inspiration images.

At kc web design Kent we have large folders of design elements and icons that we use as references when doing website designs. Trying to find specific Photoshop files has always meant searching through (sometimes not very well organised!) folders. The one great feature in Pixa that solves this problem is the live folders. You can add a folder to the sidebar of Pixa and it will index all the files in that folder. It makes it very easy to view PSD files and a good size and then very easy to open them in Photoshop. For icon libraries it makes it a breeze to scan through and find icons and not having to look through folders in the finder makes it so much easier. You can also take screen shots from the menu bar icon and grab colours from any images as well as exporting your images to all sorts of different formats. Tagging images also makes it very easy to build up collections within your library for future reference.

So far, all of us at kc web design Kent are finding Pixa easy to work with and a much better way to organise our folders of images and web design files. It’s still in beta and there are a few bugs to iron out yet but its a very promising app. Pixa is free while in beta so go and grab a copy and try it out now.