In the last part of this series – kc web design Kent tools for web design – part 2 – we spoke about to-do tools. In this article I’ll be talking about web design tools for web designing such as responsive web design and CSS coding that we use here at kc web design Kent.

Web design tools for responsive web design

With responsive web design becoming THE asked for web design buzz word at the moment, every web designer should at least know what responsive web design is and how to build a responsive website. There are now a huge range of online tools that can help with your responsive web design build so I’ll only mention the ones we use here at kc web design Kent. Firstly though, the best way to test responsive web designs is to do it on the actual devices. I don’t know many web designers without an iPhone and iPad these days so its pretty easy to test on those devices. It’s the other million different versions of Android phones, Blackberry and the like that cause problems but there are a few tool to help. The Opera Mobile Emulator is a nifty app that allows you to test in all sorts of different devices and is our first go to app when testing responsive web design as we can quickly check on lots of different devices and screen sizes. If you have the actual devices themselves then Adobe Shadow is a great new tool that allows you to preview whats in your browser on multiple devices once you’ve installed the browser plugin and downloaded the app onto your device.

There are also a wealth of online tools now that allow you to view your responsive web design in the browser and the different breakpoints specified in your media queries. Some of the ones I use include | Pixel Perfect Responsive Design Testing Tool and

There is also a great article in .net mag about responsive web design tools here…50 fantastic tools for responsive web design | Feature | .net magazine

In the next part of this series in which I’ll be showcasing the tools we use here at kc web design Kent in a daily web design work we’ll be look a bit more at CSS.