If you’re thinking about a new website design then stop and think about your users first. Having a good looking, well designed website is all very well and good but if your website doesn’t en-power your users and enable them to achieve their goals then it’s not really doing its job.

Putting yourself in the shoes of your users is very important, it allows you to get a feel for the tasks they might carry out on your site, lets you understand why they might be on your site and what they might be looking for. If they’re returning customers ask yourself what they’re returning for – are they coming back for some useful information they can only get on your site or are they only coming back for contact information that they can’t find anywhere else. All these user scenarios will assist you in creating an average user which in turn will guide the website design and to a certain degree dictate how the website looks and reacts with the user.

If you need help in understanding your user base we can offer help, useful resources such as questionnaires or even specific user testing and user group analysis. Don’t let your website become a slave to branding, let common sense and good judgement create great web design.