Its taken us a while but we have managed to completely redesign the kc web design kent website, from scratch!

We used to run the old site on an old version of Expression Engine and the site had gone through many changes over the years but still used EE as its foundation. We love EE at kc web design Kent and use it on lots of our clients websites but we wanted to do something unique and fresh with the new site and the old version of EE just wasn’t going to cut it. So, after a lot of debate we decided to build the new kc web design website on WordPress..and it was quite a job transferring the old site over but I think its been well worth it in the end.

A responsive website design

The new website is fully responsive which means the website design has been engineered to work on all devices and will adapt to each devices screen size to show the best possible layout. Try it on your iPhone if you have one or check out our demo page on responsive website design. Responsive website design makes developing for all formats very easy. We can use the same code and same website to serve the same content to every type of device, whether thats a small smartphone or large desktop PC. With sales of smartphones now out-performing desktops we really can’t ignore those people and HAVE to serve a website for those platforms to give them the best website experience possible.

We’ve also beefed up the portfolio section a lot so you can see the types of web design projects we work on easily and see the great website design work we do for our clients.

If you have a website design that needs to be created for mobile browsers then give kc web design Kent a call.