Notebox - A web app for designersNotebox is our very own web app. We created Notebox from an in-house system we’d been using and felt it would be useful for other designers. Notebox allows designers to upload designs, send a link to their clients and get their clients to leave notes directly on the design for feedback.

So far Notebox has been a huge success and we’re hoping to see it build over the coming months.

Notebox – a design and concept feedback app/tool – was created to help designers get client feedback ‘on’ their designs in a simple, client-friendly way. Notebox allows you & your clients to make notes directly on your design, allowing the notes to appear in context. If you need a simple, quick, user-friendly way to get concept feedback that your clients will love then see what Notebox can offer.

We have another web app in the pipeline (codename – Delta) which should be arriving next year. If you have your own web app and you need to get that UI just right then get in touch, we may just have the expertise you need.

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