The internet now accounts for a quarter of all advertising spending in the UK. The biggest growth area was display advertising on social networks, which grew by nearly 200%.

Figures now show that UK internet users spend 25% of their time on social networks which advertisers are keen to tap into. The Facebook advertising network will soon be rivalling Googles Adsense and at the moment Facebook advertising is looking like the cheaper, more productive option. As Facebooks advertising network becomes available outside of Facebook the growth of this market place will rocket.

Could the next big buzz word in online sales be ‘Social-commerce’? With more and more brands opening shops within the Facebook platform that allow you to buy products directly (such as JC Penny), the potential for a completely new revenue stream is massive.

Mobile advertising and e-commerce have also grown significantly over the past 12 months with the iPhone remaining the number 1 platform.

So, maybe its time to start thinking about other platforms for your online business. Need mobile e-commerce web design? An iPhone/iPad app? Want to talk about the possibilities of a Facebook shop, then give us a call for a chat.