kc web design kentI normally wait before download the new OS from Apple, just to make sure there are no issues or problems with software that I use. Mountain Lion got the better of me early, not because it was a radical change or anything new and really exciting had been added, but because it was supposed to be quicker and smoother and integrated some iOS features that I use on the iPhone and iPad.

When using a Mac every day for web design projects at kc web design Kent it can be difficult to find the time to down tools and do an upgrade but, the chance arose so I decided to take the plunge. It took a few hours to download but only about 40 mins to install. Like all OSX upgrades it was a very smooth process with no issues along the way. The iMac’s at kc web design Kent are a few years old now but are fully stacked machines so would have no trouble running the Mountain Lion.

First impressions at kc web design Kent were good. The OS felt smoother, quicker and more responsive. I had been having problems with Lion not updating the file list very quickly in open file dialog windows but this seems to have been fixed in Mountain Lion. The new notification centre is coming in handy already and completes the circle of integration between the mobile and desktop which means a lot of 3rd party apps will now be less useful. Enhancements to Safari look good and the new iMessage is a lot better than the beta and iChat.

Overall I’m please with Mountain Lion and for only £13.99 it’s almost silly not to upgrade. Gone are the days when an OS would be hundreds of pounds, today its cheap and easy to keep up-to-date and for a web designer like me working on web design projects all day at kc web design Kent that can be very important.