website design kentAdobe quietly rolled out an update to Photoshop CS6 yesterday and I almost didn’t notice two amazing new features for web designers. Apart from retina support, an improved crop tool, smart filters for video and a few other small updates there were two big additions that are going to get web designers and everyone at kc web design kent very excited.

Copy CSS

Yes, you read that right! Copy CSS! What, web code in Photoshop you say, it can’t be true! Just right click on a layer and you’ll see the new ‘copy CSS’ command. Click it and it will copy styles associated to that layer that you can paste into your favourite web design editor. It also works on groups of layers to! On simple buttons with gradients and shadows it works a treat and should make life a lot easier when building styles from a PSD file but when you copy CSS on anything complicated you get a lot of positioning styles as well which you may need to take out, still, its a big step in the right direction and will save a lot of time. Another nice feature is the ability to load a colour palette from an existing CSS file so if you need to make some new designs based on an existing website design then you can import the colours from the CSS file and see them in your colour palette. Very handy!

Conditional if statements in actions

Now, this one took me by surprise. Conditional if statements in actions. I almost overlooked this one and then realised what an incredible feature this is and one that will solve a problem that we’ve been searching for the answer to at kc web design kent for many years…intelligent image manipulation in batch processing. At kc web design kent we work with a lot of e-commerce website owners who regularly update their sites with new products and new product images. On some of the older bespoke web design projects we did it’s a process we have to go through here at kc web design kent for our clients. Until now the batch processing of images would have to be broken down into portrait and landscape so that we got the proportions correct but with conditional statements we can now create one action that can tell the difference between portrait and landscape images. Genius!