We made a decision to redesign our website because it needed updating, it needed refocusing and a bit of a design freshen up but, we also wanted to showcase responsive web design on our own website.

At kc web design kent, we try to stay at the forefront of modern web design trends and technologies and responsive web design is one of the most exciting technologies/methodologies to happen in the web design industry for a long while. So from a web design studio perspective its all very exciting playing around with the ‘latest thing’ but how does it help our clients.

Responsive web design and your website design project

So, you have a website project, you’ve heard the buzz about mobile and tablet and all this smartphone business and you want your site to work on those devices. Some web design agencies would charge you twice the price for creating a separate website just for mobiles, in some cases giving you two websites to maintain with different content. What a headache!

With responsive web design there is only one website, only one lot of content. We should be designing your website to work on all devices. Its called a ‘unified web’ and it means the website should be the single point of entry for all devices and platforms. No second websites just for mobile, no redirecting to another domain if you’re on a mobile. One website, same content, different display for different devices.

But why? Well, its easy to manage, and very cost effective as we don’t have to create duplicate sites or redesign what you already have again. All we do is create one website but the design and layout responds differently to different screen sizes and so shows the content in the best possible way for that particular device. It cuts down on development time, costs and makes your website future proof for many years to come.

If you have a website project that you need to be displayed on mobiles and tablets then please get in touch with kc web design kent. We can create a fantastic responsive website for your business.