kc web design kent - responsive web design testingAs responsive web design becomes more and more relevant and the majority of websites that get built now are made to work on most devices, the problems of testing become more appearent. At kc web design Kent pretty much all of the websites we build now are responsive and testing them on all the devices out there is becoming impractical. You can get away with testing specific break points in the browser and there are a lot (more than 19 at last count) of responsive web design tools out there that help with this. While testing in the browser is fine and will give you a pretty good idea of how things will look at those screen sizes, it’s a good idea to have a few real devices to hand to check. You’ll never get a real feel for a particular device unless you have it in your hand but what do you do when there are so many different devices on the market?

To make things a little easier at kc web design kent we’ve started to build a small testing suite of what we consider to be a good cross section of devices that will enable us to view our responsive web design builds. Currently, we’re limiting our testing suite to a minimal amount of devices and adding more as the device landscape changes. For kc web design Kent’s first round of devices we’ve decided to go for these:

Retina iPad – To test retina images

Google Nexus 7 – A good, all round small tablet

iPhone 4S – Your average iPhone user

HTC Desire – One of the best selling Android phones

iPad 1 & iPhone 3G – For testing on older devices

At kc web design Kent we think this is a good starting point and should provide a more tactile testing experience for our responsive web design projects and enable us to get a better feel for how our website designs and web apps react and work on these devices. I’m sure we’ll add more as the market changes but for now I think these will do just fine.