At kc web design kent we’re used to designing for different devices. kc web design kent create responsive websites that work on all sorts of different platforms, devices and screen resolutions and we also design iPhone and iPad apps. Creating web design projects that look good on different devices is becoming more and more time consuming especially with the new retina screens on the iPhone and iPad which mean we need to create all web design graphic assets in multiple resolutions when we make iPhone/iPad apps. Even creating websites, especially if the main target market will be using iPad/iPhone for viewing the website, means we sometimes have to serve higher resolution images to make sure the website design looks great on the retina hi-res screens.

What does the Retina display mean for kc web design kent and other web designers?

Last night at the WWDC Apple announced a new Macbook Pro with a high resolution retina display. Most people rejoiced and got very excited. The Macbook Pro is the first laptop to ever have a high resolution display and it will make things look fantastic. Photos, movies, games will all look amazing if they support the new resolution but what does it mean for web designers. How will using Photoshop or other web design tools work on the new retina screens? We won’t be looking at a like for like pixel ratio if we design a website on a retina display so web designers will need a lower resolution screen handy to test those designs on. Mmmm, sounds tricky. And how will our existing website designs look on the new screen? Will they look slightly fuzzy, a bit lo-fi? Will it now mean we might need to serve another set of graphical assets for each web design project meaning more time spent creating web design assets for different screen resolutions? Don’t get me wrong, I think the retina displays are gorgeous, but I wonder how things will pan out and how it will effect the way we design web sites. Next time I’m near an Apple store I’ll need to have a look at the kc web design kent website on the new Macbook Pro.