Having a blog or news page on your new website design seems to be the norm these days. Everyone talks about blogs, almost everyone seems to have a blog, but how can they help your new website?

Having a good website design is only part of the story. Getting your website to rank in search engine results is also very important as you want to get your website in front of potential new customers. A good website design company should do some basic SEO (search engine optimisation) for you when the website is built but that initial boost of a new website can fade quite quickly. To keep Google coming back to your website it’s important to have fresh content on the website and this is where a blog or news section can really help.

At kc web design Kent we decided to do a simple SEO experiment on our own website. Around 6-9 months ago we did some basic optimisation for specific keywords and phrases on the website content and images and made sure that news and blog articles were shown on all pages (down there at the bottom in footer). Since then we’ve written 1/2 articles every 1/2 weeks and made sure they contain the specific keywords we wanted to target such as ‘website design Kent’ and ‘web design Canterbury’ (see what I did there, I got those key phrases in the article again!) We’ve been doing this now for 6 months and our search engine rankings have improved considerablly.

It takes some time and effort to write the articles but the rewards are well worth it. If you would some advice about SEO and the advanced SEO services we can supply then contact kc web design Kent for a chat.