Its not all about web design here at kc web design ltd. We do lots of development work, iphone user interface design, create our own products and do SEO.

After recently giving the kc web design website a bit of a re-design and face-lift we decided it was about time we did some advanced SEO work to improve our page rankings for some of our wider search terms.

Armed with some Google tools, a notepad, plenty of coffee and a huge amount of help from our SEO partner – Progress SEO – we got to work making some changes to the site. One of the biggest changes was the news section which we’re now updating twice a week which if really helping with the organic search listing.

Blogging has been a bit of a buzz word on the internet for a few years now but don’t think a blog is something just for budding web journalists or people showing photos of cats that look like Hitler! If you think of a blog as your latest news and talk about your industry user will be interested in the constantly changing content and Google will notice you more. Well worth the extra 30 mins every few days to write a new article.

If you’d like any advice on SEO or would like us to quote for advanced SEO on your website then please get in touch.