Creating a good website is not as easy as most online tutorials would have you think. Creating a professional web design takes a lot more skill and expertise than just buying a template and adding your own text; it’s about building an online identity and presence that identifies with your company, your products and services and will appeal to visitors on all platforms including mobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Before you embark on your new web design project you should consider the following topics when trying to create a brief to send to a web

Design company.

Choose a colour scheme

The colour you choose at this stage should be the primary colours of your logo or brand. During the design stage of the project the web designer will come up with three or so colour schemes that compliment your primary business colour. From these colour schemes important colours for links and text and backgrounds can be chosen. Colours can be important in focusing the user on specific events such as buttons and used for making things stand out. Different colours also depict different moods and feelings so its important they give the correct message for your business.

Don’t overload the site with features

Make sure you have a job in mind for your website. What are the business goals for your website; should it bring in new leads or sell products or just be an on line brochure? Having a specific business goal in mind will help streamline the website so that it’s focused and easy for the user to achieve their tasks skylit getting lost or frustrated. Don’t overload the site with features or make it too complicated otherwise you may loose new customers.

Make sure navigation is easy

A website is like a building with lots of rooms. When a visitor comes in they have to be able to find their way around and be able to get to all the rooms without getting lost. Navigating your website has to be easy otherwise users will get bored or frustrated and leave. A good website design should make it as easy as possible for the user to navigate around and achieve the goals you want them to fulfil.

Use the latest web design technology, if appropriate

Using the latest technologies in your web design and designing the website for modern, progressive browsers such as safari, firefox, google chrome and IE9 will mean user interfaces and navigation can be built with better interaction and more fluid user feedback. These technologies will enhance the user experience and keep your customers coming back again and again.

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