Gone are the days of web design companies designing websites, handing them over and then charging monthly fees for updating content. If you’re still being charged for content updates then it’s time to think again about taking control of your own website.

With good web design comes great responsibility. We have to make sure your brand is represented properly, that your users can achieve the tasks they need to without error or frustration, we have to make sure every part of the site works and behaves as needed to achieve all your business goals because the website we’re designing is for you and your business, so, you should really be in control of that site and its content once it’s been launched.

Most of the web sites we design and build now use some kind of content management system (CMS) that puts you in control of your own website and its content. We’re experts in WordPress and Expression Engine and even our e-commerce website come with an advanced CMS that gives you control over products and orders. We have even built our own bespoke CMS for those times when the major off-the-shelf systems just don’t do the job we want.

So if you have a website and you’re paying monthly charges for content to be updated then maybe its time to think about integrating a CMS and taking back control over your site and its content.