Yahoo Mail is getting its biggest redesign since 2005 to make it a message hub for its 279 million users. Top brands like Yahoo understand the importance of good web design and how it can have a huge impact on your brand and your users perception of your brand, especially in tough markets.

When competition is tough its hard to stay in front but a redesign of your website could make all the difference. With good web design a change of look and feel can revitalise a website or brand and bring in a whole new set of users. Making your website or brand look current and up-to-date will increase click throughs and help with turning those casual browsers into paying customers.

An up-to-date web design will not only help with users confidence in your products or services but will help in making that all important quick decision when flicking through lots of results on Google. When users search on Google they get a list of results to click through which they do very quickly. Once they’ve clicked into your site you have less than 5 seconds to make an instant impression and if your web design looks dated or is hard to read or see what you offer instantly then you’ll loose those potential customers.

So, make sure your website can compete, make sure it can instantly grab your users attention and make sure it represents your brand and business in the clearest, best looking and confident way possible.

A simple redesign can make a huge difference.

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