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ThermaCalc – a web app design created and built by kc web design ltd in 2013 – has been voted App of The Year by Heating Plumbing Monthly (HPM) Magazine.

kc web design kent created ThermaCalc for ThermaSolutions back in 2013 and updated the app this year with major changes to the calculators to bring them in line with leading industry thinking. The web app design was built to work on all mobile devices as well as desktops and allows users access to a suite of tools to help with plumbing, heating and solar energy calculations and design guides. The app works offline in the browser so that all the calculators are usable even without an internet connection.

ThermaCalc is a radiator and boiler sizing mobile tool, and is the only app that claims to accurately work to the correct calculations in the ‘Domestic Heating Design Guide’. With over 100 construction options to choose from including Limestone and Granite, the app even has calculations for walls made from Straw and Eco-Roofs with Sedum. “Our mobile apps can be used on any device. As well as being the easiest to use, we take pride in the knowledge that they are also the most accurate around”, says web app designers ThermaSolutions. “Getting it right at the design stage is crucial for anyone wanting to win new business…correctly advising a homeowner to fit a smaller system for example could get you that contract”. Other apps available include ‘SolarCalc’ that works out your installation pipework and expansion vessel sizes, as well as being RHI & MCS compliant. ThermaSolutions claim that their unique off-line innovation allows users to size any heating system, on any device, without leaving the property or even their own van.