I never like it when good web design application companies disappear. I’ve used Trading Eye e-commerce software on lots of websites over the past few years. Yes, it had its problems but it was and still is a great platform for building e-commerce websites and from a great UK company. Unfortunately, on 14th Feb 2012 one of my clients received an email informing them that Dpivision was no longer in business but had been taken over by an interested group.

Dpivision also had another web app called Canybill that the fantastic Andy Clarke designed. It turned out Andy had no idea why the Canybill website had disappeared and the status of Dpivision as a company. A brief exchange with Andy on Twitter has lead to a few other customers and users of Dpivisions products contacting me about the situation. I don’t know much, I have just the one email, and I’d be happy to post any updates here from the group that has taken over Trading Eye to update anyone thats interested or wants more information.

So, for the people that have requested more info and for anyone else that stumbles across this post, here’s the email we received in February from Trading Eye.


Dear Hosting Customers,

We are writing to inform you that Dpivision.com Ltd is no longer in business.

To address your immediate concerns, nothing will get switched off, nor will you lose any data. We have already undertaken safeguards to ensure the continuation of your livelihood, with no cost, delays or interruption of service.

Who we are:

We are a group of business owners who have joined forces to invest in supporting the community. For a smooth transition we have taken over the hosting and maintenance of TradingEye.

We build and design sites and software every day, we regularly use TradingEye and have all been in the respective parts of our industry for many years.

We’ll also be investing in feature releases and other products and services, so keep a look out for developments.

What you can do:

You don’t need to do anything at all. We can take over your account and even honour your previous purchases, with no cost, delays or interruption of service.

If you bought an annual hosting plan for example, we will host you completely free of charge until the renewal date.

If in doubt, just ask, we’ll be glad to help.

If you need anything:

You can now get support and view your account from a single place:


It’s free to use, you just need to sign up. To ensure a smooth transition the old support centre will still be up for a few weeks, but please post requests on the link above.

We hope our efforts have alleviated some of your concerns, but feel free to get in touch should you need anything else. We look forward to working with you and exceeding your expectations.

Best Regards.

Jordan Smith