The UK government has launched a guide called 10 principles of good web design to help businesses create websites that are appealing for their users and to help the uptake of online services.

This new web design guide is basically an update to the government’s e-Accessibility Action Plan. This action plan aims to ensure that everybody gets the most from the internet and websites, including disabled people, and gives guidance in several areas of web design. Included in the guide are ideas such as making your website flexible, straightforward, informative, consistent and effortless, among others, and to give users the tools and navigation they need to access the information and services on your website.

MP Ed Vaizey suggested that creating websites that meet these ideals is key to helping the UK’s online industries to progress and do well. “Inclusive web design enables the creation of beautiful, intuitive and accessible web sites for all. Broadband is only a part of the vision of an open and inclusive internet; ensuring that the UK web industry has the knowledge and skills to deliver inclusive web sites is just as important.” he said.

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