web design kent sketch Creating a unique website design for your project is key to its success and is what we pride ourselves in here at kc web design, Kent.

We go through a flexible web design process that starts with us talking to you about your business needs and goals for the website. If its a complete redesign and build then we’ll look at the goals of the website design and work out what appropriate technologies should be used and which build techniques we might implement such as responsive web design, fluid or fixed, mobile up, content management, e-commerce, etc. Once we have a good understanding of your goals and aspirations for the website design we can then start the planning and layout stage.

Planning the web design layout

Once we know what is going into the website design we can start to plan where it goes. On larger projects with multiple pages it’s sometimes good to start from a very high level. To do this we use a very basic system – blank white paper and post-it notes! We write down the main features on post-it notes, draw up a basic browser window on paper then cut, stick and move around until we have the layout. Once the basic web design layout is roughly in place we can then produce some sketches to work into the design a bit more and start thinking about the layout in a bit more detail. Sketches can be changed quickly, discussed and changed again until everybody is happy. Once the sketches of the key pages and functionality are complete it then time to wireframe or design the next stage.

If its a large project that we’re building from scratch then we’ll probably start designing and wire framing with live code in the browser. Creating the wireframes this way is quick, easy to view in the browser and means we’re creating code that will be used in the final website design at a very early stage. It may sound like a lot of work but wire framing this way actually cuts down on development time overall.

On smaller projects we may skip wire framing and go straight to designing the look & feel of the we site design.

In the next article I’ll talk more about the next stage of this process – Web design look & feel.