web design kent sketchAt kc web design Kent we do a lot of web design, UI design and mobile app design work. One of the most valuable processes we go through on any project is the initial sketching phase (Yes! We really do still use paper, pens, pencils and rubbers!).

While working on a few recent projects for UI design and iPhone app design I realised how valuable sketching web designs is and how much I enjoy quickly sketching out web design ideas on a nice pad – we use White Lines pads with the white squared paper – with a good pencil and pens (yay! Promarkers!).

Grabbing a pad and quickly laying out ideas in pencil (You can use a rubber instead of undo!) means you can very quickly see where things will/won’t work and what ideas have merit and need working out further. You can discount ideas very quickly this way leaving you with the very best way forward for you web design or UI design. Sketching out designs this way is especially useful on big UI design projects where you need to think about user interaction and flow. Combining quick sketches with post-it notes can also be a great way to quickly iterate through different ideas and will allow you to move boxes and buttons around the page easily and quickly. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, it’s all about making mistakes at this stage and if you want to show a client your sketches then do them in pencil first then take a photocopy. Pen up the photocopy so it looks nice then take another photocopy and use this copy to colour in or shade. If you make a mistake just start again on another photocopy without having messed up your original (which is one thing you’ll only ever do once!).

So don’t be afraid, get sketching and drawing and fail in love with the smell of marker pens again. It’ll remind you of art college and why you got started in the world of design.

If you have a web design or UI design project that needs a fresh look then give kc web design kent a call and we can work on some sketches for you.