At kc web design Kent we do a lot of icon design work, they get included on websites, user interfaces and iPhone apps and they can be integral to a web design UI. The Icon Handbook by Jon Hicks is by far the best book on icon design to be released in the modern web age. If you’re a web designer and use and kind of icon in your website designs then you want to read this book.

Firstly, I paid for the paperback and the PDF way back before Xmas but didn’t even open the PDF version because I wanted to wait and see the fully fledged book in all its paperback glory and smell those pages. I wasn’t disappointed. The book is a triumph from cover to cover and it smells fantastic! It also comes with a free set of icon stickers and I’m still waiting to find the perfect place to stick them.

From the design of the front cover you can see that a huge amount of work, sweat and tears have gone into this book and it is a joy to read, even a joy to flick through because the layout, colours and icon images used look brilliant. All sorts of real world icons have been shown as case studios and examples such as the Coda leaf icon look amazing printed in large formats.

For anyone involved in web design or user interface design this book is amuse read and won’t leave your desk. Every single bit of info for all many of devices and applications are covered and theres a great history of icons section and chapters about usage. Everything you need to know about the modern day icon and how it gets used.

The cherry on the cake is Five Simple Steps and there amazing customer support. I had a problem with the order and it was dealt with impeccably. So, if you are a web designer then take kc web design Kents advice and buy this book, you won’t be disappointed.