At kc web design Kent we like keeping up with the latest technology and trends in web design and one of the best ways to do this is by reading a website design related book. We’re starting to gather quite a collection of Five Simple Steps books here in the studio at kc web design Kent, amongst others, and the quality of their books is second to none. Our latest read from Five Simple Steps is the fantastic Web App Success.

From the outset you know this book is going to be a must read for any web designer working on user interfaces or designing their own web app. We’ve built a few web apps at kc web design kent and there was still some very insightful information in this web app design book. For beginners in the web app world its very good and takes you through all the steps of creating your first web app from groundwork, strategy, interface right through to development and promotion.

This book is written in a very friendly way and manages to get across some quite complicated ideas in an easy to understand manner which makes reading this type of content much easier. For web designers its a great book and has some very good information on user interface design but the majority of the book covers all aspects of creating a web app. If you want to get into the world of web apps then read this book in conjunction with The Icon Handbook and Hardboiled Web Design and you’ll have a wealth of information to get you going.