web design kent - Drai Fine ArtAt the beginning of this year kc web design Kent built an e-commerce website for Drai Fine Art to sell fine art paintings and prints. We created a responsive website design to work on mobiles and tablets and built the website using Expression Engine and the Brilliant Retail e-commerce add-on. The initial build of the website was a relatively smooth process and working with Expression Engine and Brilliant Retail on this website design project was no trouble at all. Brilliant Retail hooks into Expression Engine perfectly and allows you to create fantastic e-commerce websites, is easy to use and setup and the client backend makes administering the store very easy. This past year the website kc web design kent designed for Drai Fine Art has been a huge success and as part of our ongoing relationship with Drai we wanted to upgrade Expression Engine and the Brilliant Retail e-commerce add-on to keep the site up-to-date.

For updating our EE websites at kc web design kent we use the fantastic Updater plugin which makes doing updates very easy, it also works with Brilliant Retail. The update to EE and Brilliant Retail went smoothly until we came to check the front end and admin area and found a few problems. The Brilliant Retail update hadn’t gone well in some places and so we were getting errors in the admin system and products weren’t showing on the website. After some time trying to troubleshoot the issues I contacted Brilliant Retail support. Their support is excellent and within a few emails the first problem was fixed. The second problem was a little more tricky but with access to the website files their support guy had it sorted and the website was working again. One of THE most important things that people underestimate when buying professional products is the support. You may not always need it but when you do you need it fast and solutions quickly and thats exactly what Brilliant Retail did. If you need an e-commerce plugin for Expression Engine then Brilliant Retails is the one to go for.

If you need an e-commerce website built on a CMS platform such as WordPress or Expression Engine then give kc web design kent a call. We. Are. Experts.