This is less of an article and more of a question (and a bit of a test) really – does having comments turned on and letting other users comment on your blog post have any benefit on SEO? Normally I have comments turned off on all the articles I write on kc web design kent but I’m wondering if it will make a difference to Google rankings to gather more back links by letting people get more involved in the conversation.

Would allowing comments on kc web design kent articles help with SEO?

As a question this is fairly broad but I’m wondering if it will make a difference. I’m leaving comments open on this post and making sure my Akismet filter is up-to-date and working. One of the major problems with having comments open is the spam, so that needs to be stopped straight away so I don’t get bogged down in comment administration. If anyone reading this has any experience with SEO and comments then please do…leave a comment. I’d love to know your experiences and what you think about the effects of comments on SEO. As a bit of a test on the kc web design kent website I might do a series of articles with comments on and see if that improves back links and trackbacks and if the spread of the article reaches a wider audience. I’ll need to think up some good subject matter for those!

Social Media and Google rankings

While we’re on the subject of Google rankings, over the past few months at kc web design kent we have made a bit more of a concious effort to build up the profile of some of our social media pages and it does seem to be having a positive effect on our Google rankings. Were we where ranking on page 4 fairly consistantly we are now almost getting into page 2 and the only changes we’ve made at kc web design kent are on our social media pages. We’ll be trying some more tweaks to social media over the next few months so lets see if that improves things further.