At kc web design Kent we use website design frameworks and bootstraps a lot. Web design frameworks are a great way to prototype in the browser very quickly and build interactive wireframes that look great and work well in the browser. Most web design frameworks are now responsive which can help take the pain out of building responsive website design from scratch. Lots of website design frameworks and bootstraps have appeared over the last few years but the main two are Zurb’s Foundation and Twitters Bootstrap. Both of these web design frameworks are excellent and choosing between them is very difficult so it mostly comes down to personal preference. At kc web design Kent we’ve use Twitters Bootstrap on a few projects but recently we’ve been using more of the Zurb Foundation web design framework.

Why the Zurb Foundation web design framework?

As I mentioned before, choosing a website design framework is a lot to do with personal preference. There is one thats better than the other, they’re just different. There’s just something about the Foundation web design framework that I feel comfortable with. At kc web design kent we currently have 3 projects running side-by-side that all use the Foundation web design framework for prototyping and production design and so using it on lots of website design projects means you gain a greater understanding and familiarity of the framework which makes using it a lot easier. Much better than swapping between lots of frameworks and having to learn different classes again. Sticking with one framework and knowing it well has far more benefits than trying lots of different web design frameworks.

Foundation also has everything you’d need to build a prototype and production website. Its responsive, includes Jquery and sliders, has all sorts of classes to manage mobile and tablet designs, comes with a great grid system thats intuitive to learn and code with and provides a fantastic ‘foundation’ to build you great looking websites designs onto. In fact, we think Foundation is such a good website design framework that kc web design Kent have used it to create a new breed of WordPress themes just for web designers!