At kc web design Kent we build all sorts of different websites from responsive website design to mobile only and full UI/UX. We’ve built our own internal web design frameworks that we use as starting points on our web design projects but there are also some very good web design frameworks already out there.

We recently redesigned and rebuilt the kc web design Kent website and part of the process of making it responsive was to use a responsive framework. These are the ones we evaluated.

Zurb Foundation Web Design Framework

The Zurb Foundation web design framework is a huge framework created by the guys at Zurb. Its responsive, contains a set of styles for all standard UI elements including buttons, forms, tables, etc and is very easy to use and adapt on your own web design project. We used this web design framework on the recent rebuild of kc web design Kent and it was a joy to work with. The use of media queries breakpoints and the grid system for layout on different devices makes it easy to adapt your website to a responsive design. Now at version 2.2 its added to regularly and is getting better all the time.

Twitter Bootstrap Web Design Framework

The Twitter bootstrap web design framework has been around for a while and has recently gone fully responsive and HTML5/CSS3 compatible. The Bootstrap framework is very similar to the Foundation web design framework: it has all the same standard style for buttons, forms, tables, etc and also a very good grid system for responsive layouts. It also comes with added Jquery plugins and integration with Less for extended CSS code writing (something we’re also exploring here at kc web design Kent).

HTML5 Boilerplate

Theres also the very good HTML5 Boilerplate web design framework. It’s not fully responsive like the others but combined with the 320 and up media queries you can create fantastic responsive website by utilising your own grid system and specific device styles. We even created our own Expression Engine theme that uses HTML5 boilerplate to give you a starting point for you Expression Engine projects.

Each of these web design frameworks have their own benefits and may suit different web designers in different ways. At kc web design Kent we like the Zurb framework, it’s the one we used for this site so it gets a big thumbs-up from us.