Web design Kent professionals using GIT or SVN terminal commands sounds like a recipe for disaster! While using SVN I’ve definitely been at disaster level a few times recently. I haven’t had the opportunity to use GIT or SVN extensively in the past but 2 new projects where I’m working in large collaborative groups of web design pro’s or where we’re using SVN as a repo to push out changes to multiple websites have meant I’ve been using these version control systems a lot recently.

At kc web design kent we don’t use version control much but…

My experience with GIT has been pretty low key with no fuss or problems so far. The key to this has been using a good GUI in an app called Tower. It’s a great GIT client for Mac and has really help soften the jump into version control with GIT. As a web designer I’m not as confident as I should be using terminal commands and much prefer a good GUI to do the hard work for me. It means I can concentrate on the web design part of the job more and not have to remember a list of commands as long as my arm every time I want to update or change a web design file. So far, kc web design Kents experience with GIT has been pretty good.

SVN on the other hand has given kc web design Kent lots of problems, mainly because we’re having to use terminal to make the SVN changes and to push those web design changes to 12 websites over 2 remote servers. I don’t mind the odd bit of terminal, a few commands to do a few jobs that there’s no other way to achieve, but using SVN like this means I’m having to work with 3 terminal windows open and type in SVN commands I’m not confident about using.

I have my list of commands and if they fit to the simple process of changing a web design file then committing and pushing then I’m fine. If something doesn’t work as expected or I need to use another command I know nothing about then it starts to get a bit scary and problems can arise…like they did yesterday! A simple import command that I thought would download a new copy of the repo seems to have uploaded my local copy of the whole repo into a sub folder! Ooops! Time to find a good SVN app that will work with an SVN repo with a dodgy SSL cert!

kc web design Kent would like to give a big thumbs up to GIT and a bit of a thumbs down to SVN. Can anyone suggest a good SVN client for Mac?