Drai web design kent uses HTML5According to the BBC (full story), HTML5 is taking the internet by storm! Working as a web designer at kc web design kent this comes as no surprise. HTML5 has broken the boundaries of multiple markup languages, added great new features and brought HTML into the modern world to compete with – and out-do in some cases – other modern web languages such as Flash and Javascript.

With the growth of the mobile market and especially the iPhone/pad/pod market, web designers and website creators have become increasingly aware that websites using Flash are missing out on a huge user base as Flash will not work on iOS devices. What to do? In steps HTML5. It can pretty much do everything Flash can and with a bit of added Javascript can do a better, faster and leaner job of it than most other technologies. Its native browser code so renders fast, is more user friendly but only works in the very latest modern progressive browsers (Yes, IE is slowly catching up…).

…HTML5 is being received so enthusiastically by businesses in particular. The latest version can perform all kinds of dynamic tasks and visual tricks. The web is progressing faster now than it has in a long time.

New browsers are releasing updates very quickly these days to keep up with the new features being added to HTML5 but it is still in its infancy. According to the HTML5 governing body, a full release is not expected for another few years. But don’t let this stop you using it if you’re a web designer or forward thinking web design studio. There are lots of HTML5 features we can use today that will work in all browsers and there are ways of using polyfills to render HTML5 elements in older browsers (yes, IE again!) so don’t be afraid to get stuck in.

At kc web design Kent we’ve been using HTML5 on all our new projects for a while now and it is great. Web design needs HTML5, use it now!