kc web design KentAt kc web design Kent we’ve built a few bespoke e-commerce systems over the years and part of looking after our clients means we do a few yearly product updates for these shops. One of the jobs we do as part of these updates is image processing. Some suppliers send you a nice folder of cropped images roughly at the correct proportions ready to be scaled to the right size which we do using the batch processing in Photoshop. All good. But, there are suppliers who send a nice folder of images of all sorts of different sizes and proportions which makes batch processing these images very difficult.

In the past at kc web design Kent we’ve used a combination of Photoshop and a neat little app called Downsize to do most of our web design image processing but there is sometimes the need for something a little more intelligent. I’ve looked around but never been able to find anything that does the job easily and quickly and when theres sometimes thousands of images to process I don’t want to be messing around too much. Yes, I could probably spend hours writing a very complicated applescript to deal with this but I’m a designer, I want a GUI that makes life easy.

By intelligent I mean something programable, something that can set a few options to deal with images of differing proportions. I want to be able to say “if the image is wider than it is tall then resize the width to x size and then crop the height to x size” or vice versa if its proportioned the other way. Nothing I’ve found does this (easily) so if anyone has used a nice OSX app that makes this a breeze then all of us at kc web design kent would be very interested. Or maybe we should create an app specifically for this! Are you an app developer that could help? Then get in touch!