kc web design Kent - iPhone 5It’s that time of the year again when Apple roll out another version of some hot new hardware and software. They seem to come round quick, these September releases, and the internet has been full of rumours of the iPhone 5 coming on 12th September. But what will the iPhone 5 be like? The 4s wasn’t much of a change physically from what came before but there were a lot of additions on the OS side. So, maybe now, a year later, it is time to see a brand new iPhone 5. Will it be bigger, have more screen space, faster chip or some new hardware gismo that no one could guess. We’ll have to wait and see.

At kc web design kent we design iPhone apps as well as other web design projects so we have to keep up with the latest hardware and software for testing. The iPhone 4 with retina display was a big change from the previous phones so it warranted the upgrade for testing web designs and iPhone UI design and apps on the new screen. Will the iPhone 5 bring us anything ground-breaking enough to make it a must buy for web design agencies like kc web design Kent? I’m not so sure to be honest but again, we’ll have to wait and see.

Working on iPhone user interfaces and apps at kc web design Kent is one of the more enjoyable aspects of what we do here. There’s something very satisfying about seeing your creation on an iPhone that you just don’t get from a web design project. Maybe it’s because it’s all new and exciting. Will the new iPhone 5 change the way we design iPhone apps at kc web design Kent or will it just be the next logical progression in the history of the greatest mobile device we’ve seen. Will we need one for testing? Probably. What better excuse is there for buying shinny new gadgets that to use then in your job.