At kc web design Kent we use Macs. Web designers and anyone in the web design industry mostly use Macs. I’ve been a designer for over 15 years and have always used Macs. Mac users do get very smug about viruses on their computers and are always the first to mention that Macs ‘don’t get viruses’. With so many people using Macs now this was bound to change at some point and recently theres been an active trojan doing the rounds – Mac Flashback Trojan.

kc web design Kent and the Mac Flashback Trojan

At kc web design kent we have a pretty good network with lots of Apple equipment and we’re very careful about security, etc but haven’t really worried too much about virus protection. Until now. Thankfully Apple were on the ball and released an update the Java program that the trojan was using as a way in. Within a week the update was posted, far quicker than any Microsoft update!

If you think you may be infected or just want to check to make sure you’re not then theres a few solutions here for testing if you have the Mac Flashback Trojan. Also remember to do the Apple software update to make sure your system is up-to-date and do the Java update as well.

Luckily, only around 650,000 machines look to be infected which is a very small amount compared to normal virus infections but this number could grow if we don’t spread the word and do the updates.

We’re all ok here at kc web design kent so make sure you are to!