kc web design Kent - iPhone 5And so we have a brand new Apple iPhone 5. As usual it looks great, has a bigger 4″ screen (height, not width), a new camera that takes panoramic photos, is twice as fast as the 4s, lighter and thinner. No new feature that makes everyone go wow! but a good, solid upgrade of everything that makes the iPhone great. There is one thing though that will have an impact on web design or UI designers creating apps for iOS as we do here at kc web design Kent. That bigger screen has a different size that we’ll need to cater for in responsive web design projects and in iPhone user interface design for iOS apps.

Common breakpoints in responsive web design will now need to include the new iPhone 5 screen size, especially for landscape mode orientation.

2048 x 1536
1024 x 768
640 x 1136  (new iPhone 5 screen)
640 x 960
320 x 480

It’ll take a while for numbers of iPhone 5 users to filter down into real world web site browsing statistics but going by the last sales numbers of the iPhone 4s it really won’t be long until numbers of the new iPhone 5 increase and we see the new screen size on our website stats. At kc web design Kent we’ll be adding in the new breakpoint on our latest web design projects ready for the increased number of browser in a few months time. So, go ahead and add the new media query to your latest responsive web design project…

/* iPhone 5 —————— */
@media only screen and
(min-device-width:320px) and
(max-device-width:568px) { }

Of course, with this extra screen space in landscape mode, does it mean that all kc web design Kents’ previous responsive web design projects that target specific landscape sizes for the (old) iPhone screen sizes will need to be changed? They may look odd on the new iPhone 5 in landscape mode as the media query will be targeting the wrong breakpoint. Does that mean all old responsive web design projects will need to be retro-fitted with the new iPhone 5 media queries to make sites look better in landscape mode? We’ll have to get our hands on one at kc web design Kent and find out!