web design kentAccessibility has been a big buzz word in web design over the past few years and has become a really important part of all web design projects. Making your website accessible to users with disabilities should be part of every web design build but there is another type of accessibility that often gets forgotten about – client accessibility.

When a web design project is finished and we hand over the website to the client, is it accessible? Does the client have access to everything they need to manage their own website? More often than not, clients are left with a fantastic website that doesn’t quite feel like it’s theirs. They have to go back to the web design agency that built the website to ask for changes or additions to content and this can leave the client feeling removed from the website they’ve just paid a lot of money for. At kc web design Kent we believe the websites we build should be accessible to our clients and that they should have full control over their own websites.

One of the many ways we achieve this at kc web design Kent is to build our websites on content management systems such as WordPress and Expression Engine. Building a website like this on a CMS enables us to hand over a finished product that empowers our clients and gives them back control of their website and content. Being able to adapt and change content and keep the website fresh and up-to-date is an important part of the life of the website and the business goals the website is trying to fulfil. Not having to go back to a web design agency every time a small update is needed means the website can evolve and change quickly and this is good for our clients and their customers.

If you have a website you don’t feel in control of then give kc web design kent a call. We can build you a new website on a CMS and give you back control.