Web design kent is one of my main keywords and I’ve been aiming to get up the rankings for ‘web design kent’ for a while now.

SEO feels like a constant battle sometimes. Luckily I have a great friend how is also a fantastic SEO genius who showers me with useful info on how to improve my SEO for kc web design Kent. Over the past 12 months I’ve changed the website design completely and revamped how the news section works. I’ve changed from Expression Engine to WordPress which meant redirecting 100’s of URL’s. I’ve written lots of articles and got more and more back links. And in the last 12 months, for ‘web design kent’, we’ve gone from page 12 and below up to page 4.

Why ‘web design kent’ as a keyword?

‘web design kent’ and also ‘website design company kent’ and ‘website design canterbury’ are our main keywords. We want to attract local companies and its much easier to target your keywords to smaller locations as it means you have less companies to try and get above. Just trying to get you website into the rankings for ‘web design’ would be almost impossible but ‘web design kent’ is a far more realistic, narrow demographic to target.

Keeping things at this level means we’re competing with similar companies in a similar position which makes things a lot easier, but, it’s still hard work. We’re still on page 4 and the last few pages are the hardest work of all. Writing more and more articles seems to be the key at the moment. Google really likes fresh, new content, and the more the better. Back links are also hugely influential but difficult to get so the next test will be on how to get good quality organic back links.