kc web design kentIn the previous article – kc web design Kent’s tools for web design – I talked about graphic apps for web design such as Photoshop and the coding apps we use here at kc web design kent such as Coda 2. In this article we’ll look at some of the other web design related apps and tools we use here at kc web design kent such as our to-do and GTD apps.

To-do apps for web designers

Everyone loves a good to-do or GTD app. As web designers at kc web design Kent we always have huge lists of things to remember, bits to do, etc and having a good list manager makes things a lot easier. With all this new technology that we use every day in our web design jobs I’m still a big fan of a notebook and pen. Great for making lists, jotting down ideas and scribbles and its quick easy and always on my desk. When you need something a little more digital but still just as simple them Teux Deux is the one I use most. Its week view in the browser, where I always end up first thing in the morning so always see my list, is so simple yet very effective and its easy to move to-do’s around and add new ones. They also have an iPhone app which keeps to-do’s in sync and again is very simple and elegant to use.

For something with a bit more functionality, to group lists into projects, add notes and timers and dates I tend to use The Hit List. It has a lovely interface and works very well as a bit list store. Alerts would be nice but if you’re checking it daily then its easy to see what to-do’s are coming next. The iPhone app and sync service does cost a lot which I think is a little bit cheeky but just using the desktop app for all your web design to-do’s is fine. If you don’t mind the extra payment then the iPhone app and sync does work very well.

Other ones to mention are Firetask which has a nicely calendar view which I find very useful for blocking out project times in advance so I can see blocks of time for each web design project. And Things, which I’ve never really got on that well with but is a very good app.

Next time we’ll talk about specific web design tools for responsive web design, CSS and daily coding help tools.