On Monday evening the kc web design Kent website went down. Sometimes it does this when our hosting company reboot servers or do routine maintenance. We host the kc web design Kent website with a company in California called AISO.net who are an eco-friendly hosting company powered by solar and wind energy. kc web design Kent have been hosting with them for over 7 years now and they’ve always been great, until Monday night. What we thought was a maintenance blip turned into an 18 hour outage with no website or email and lots of panicking!

kc web design kent are a very conscientious company and the environment is high on our list of concerns, especially for a tech based company, so we do what we can to help the environment with our solar powered hosting. All well and good, but the hosting company being based in California did cause a few problems this week because when the kc web design kent website was down it was the middle of the night in California and so no support staff were contactable. Hence even more panic. To be fair to AISO.net, once I’d got hold of their support staff they were very good (and I apologise for the language used prior to that!) but the wait was unbearable and almost a whole night and day without the kc web design kent website and email was starting to take its toll.

Two things came up in the panic – backups (yes, we had them, no they weren’t up to date) and Google rankings. How would our rankings be effected after the site was down for over 18 hours? We don’t know yet but hopefully nothing. After looking into our backups, which were done by the host, we’ve decided to take a different line and do offsite backups from within WordPress using the ‘WordPress Backup to Dropbox’ plugin. I’m a lot happier now that I can see the kc web design kent website getting backed up to Dropbox!

So why did the kc web design kent website disappear for 18 hours? Well, it turns out it was human error and some account spring cleaning…the wrong button was pressed and our account was terminated by mistake! Lets hope it doesn’t happen again!