At kc web design Kent, we’ve been web designing with Photoshop CS6 Beta for the past week or 2. So, what do we think so far…

Well, kc web design Kent have been hitting CS6 pretty hard on our web design projects and for a beta it’s holding up pretty well. There is a bug in the font display that means multiple version of the font weights shows up in the drop down mean and grows the more you edit fonts. I’m sure Adobe are working on this as it is still in beta. After a few weeks of web design with CS6 the main features that stand out are the pixel snapping, layer search, multilayer editing and a few others.

The pixel snapping makes web design in particular a lot easier. Gone are the days of using magic work-arounds to achieve true pixel sharpness, CS6 manages to do this far better than any other version of Photoshop. The layer search makes a huge difference, especially when searching through PSD files of icons, but theres one little issue – you have to name your layers properly if you want to search by name. When working on huge website design files the search is very time saving and no more endless scrolling to find a layer.

Type now has its own file menu rather than getting lost under the layer menu which was confusing at first but much better after using it for a while. I’m also enjoying the new dark interface design as the darkness of the windows and canvas help focus on the web design you’re working on.

Now, a couple of small gripes – Why is the drop shadow filter now at the bottom of the list? That confuses me every time! I’d also like to see Adobe start to address the output of the graphics for web design a bit more and think about adding more options for the web design community rather than adding things like video editing (yes, you heard, you can now edit videos in CS6!) which just bloats the app with features no one needs.

Everyone at kc web design Kent will find it hard to go back to our normal version after using CS6 so it must be better!