According to the BBC, Sweden tops the new Tim Berners-Lee Web Index with the UK coming 3rd in the table. The Web Index, as stated on their website is “…a unique annual ranking of countries on the progress and social utility of the Web. Combining over 80 indicators to evaluate access, affordability, institutional and policy environment and social and economic utility, it will provide an evidence-based tool for national and regional advocacy, intervention, and strategy to strengthen the Web. The 2012 Web Index was published on September 5, 2012.”.

The new Web Index shows that what we think of as a global community of online businesses and people is very much grouped by type of country with most of the prominent western countries appearing high in the list and other countries lower down. 5 years of data was collected to generate the results and stats and it will carry on collecting data to see how the global internet changes of the coming years. High costs of internet connections in most countries limit internet access other than the most economically sound areas such as UK, USA and Europe.

With the UK number 3 on the list it shows how important our internet businesses and community are. The UK web design community are at the forefront of development and the UK’s web designers and web design studios are some of the best in the world.

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