In today’s global, web based economy, your website and website design is your most important sales tool. Your website is the most powerful communication tool your business has and is most often the first point of contact that a new client or customer will have with your company.

If your website isn’t generating you new leads, sales or a return on your investment then it’s possible your website design isn’t making a good impression on your target market. Lots of businesses are unhappy with the lack of return their websites bring in and many businesses are realising that it might be time for an upgrade to their websites. Do you think your website needs an update? If you do then you may need to consider these points…

Can you edit or add new content to your website without paying a web design company?

Do you have the ability to analyse tracking information on your website to see what your users are doing?

Do your pages get found in search engines like Google?

Do you have new content and special offers & promo’s changing regularly on your website homepage?

Do your users click past your website homepage to view product or service information?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, your website may be performing under par and benefit from an upgrade.

When embarking on a redesign or upgrade of your current website the web design aspect is very important, but no matter how good a website looks it’s actually content that is King. Consider all the points above again and you’ll notice they’re all about content. It doesn’t matter how good your website design looks, if the content is bad then users won’t stay very long. Good web design gets them interested, good content will make them stay, browse and buy.

If your current website needs a revamp or update them call kc web design kent to see how we can improve your business website.