Did you know that your website can be made to work very hard for your business. It can bring in new business. It can help with customer support. It can sell things for you and keep track of order processing. It can be a community tool helping your users or simply an online brochure.

Just bringing the website design up-to-date and defining some clear goals and call-to-action points can make a huge difference. Adding news/blog style articles can help with SEO and keep the site fresh and clean. Using a content management system such as WordPress or Expression Engine can help with the day-to-day maintenance of your website and make it easier to keep your content updated, relevant and interesting.

We recently updated Protection & Investment Ltds’ website and within weeks they we’re getting new leads and enquiries and generating new business. We could do the same for you!

If you have a website thats a few years old and you feel it could be doing more then just ask yourself these simple questions:

* Does my website promote a favourable user experience?

* Is my website design visually appealing?

* Does my website design give confidence to the user?

* Does it contain engaging copy for my target audience?

* Is it easy to use, well structured and bug free?

* Does it get across my brand and core message?

* What is my websites primary “action” and is it being achieved?

* Does my website design stand out amongst my competitors?

* Can I find my website in Google?

If you’ve answered no to a few of these questions then you may need to think about updating your website.

Still not sure? Then why not let us do a free evaluation on your current site to see if, and where, it can be improved.

To learn more about how a website redesign can boost your business, contact us now.