At kc web design we work with all sorts of different companies from global blue chip to the local village community site and multi-million pound ecommerce sites to small WordPress blogs and everything in-between.

Being an internet based web design company means we can do business all over the country, in fact we work with companies all over the world, but theres nothing more important than helping local businesses get started on the web.

Since we relocated to Kent from Oxford a few years ago we’ve helped all sorts of local businesses in Kent such as Marque companies, electricians, photographers, events companies and the local village website get an online presence.

There’s also something nice about meeting face-to-face with local businesses which is something we don’t always get to do with our clients further away. It’s so important these days for small businesses to have a good website and working with a local web design company in Kent and meeting in person can really help cement a relationship that will create a fantastic website for your business and an ongoing collaboration that will evolve your website as your business grows and expands.

If you’re a local business in Kent and would like to talk to us about your new website please get in touch. We’re local, friendly, great to work with and can advise on all aspects of your online business.