Websites can be frustrating. We’ve all had the experience of trying to use a website and getting annoyed by not being able to find a link or not getting user feedback. Most of the time this is caused by bad website design and usability. With a few simple rules these design and usability frustrations can be stopped thus having a huge impact on your website and user experience which could help improve sales. The next time you have a call from a frustrated customer confused about your website think about these tips…

1. Put accepted payment card types on your product page. Most e-commerce sites have payment icons in the footer, but it can really help to have them on the product page as well. Once in the basket pages the user should see the payment types clearly all the time.

2. Never make too many questions required fields, get the minimum amount of info you need from a user to complete the order or provide information. The same thing applies for phone number. Lots of people don’t like leaving mobile numbers so only request it if you have to and explain what the benefits are of leaving it.

3. Mystery belongs in a good thriller, not your website. Don’t make users think and have to work out what to do next. Don’t make users dig deep for info they need all the time such as phone numbers, give them exactly what they need, easily and clearly.

4. Be logical where you place social marketing icons such as a link to Twitter or Facebook. Some websites have ‘Share this’ on every page of their website. It’s unclear if they want the entire website shared or just a single product. Make it clear.

5. Give good user feedback and make error messages that are pleasant, not in red text and capitals! Make the error message specific to the users task and make it obvious what they’ve done wrong and how to correct it. Highlight where the error occurred to avoid the user guessing. If you need to show examples or validate to avoid common errors.

If you’re website is frustrating for your users and you spend a lot of time on the phone helping users with your website then it may be time to work on the usability and design of you website. At kc web design, Canterbury, we specialise in good web design and usability and we can make a difference to your website and your online sales. Call us now for an informal chat about how we can help.