We’ve had a few side projects here at kc web design, Kent. Most notably, our Notebox web app for web designers that was launched last year.

We learnt a huge amount about designing web apps during the Notebox project. Some good, some bad, some difficult, some frustrating, some expensive and some silly. Everything we learnt about designing web apps we’ve learnt in the real world on real web design web app projects. And now, a few years later and a few years wiser, we’re embarking on a new mission.

All of us at kc web design, kent would like you to say hello to – Deltr – our newest web app. So what is Deltr? Well, we can’t say too much at this stage but we can tell you it’s a new web app for making money from writing website content.

Over the next 6 months we’ll be fine tuning Deltr and getting it ready for launch next year. A lot of care and attention to detail has gone into making Deltr a visual delight and very simple to use, even for user with no web experience. The website design and user interface design has been key to the success of this project so a lot of time has been spent getting the design right. We’ve just added a landing page to http://www.deltr.co.uk which is our first public showing of the design and the brand. As we finish beta testing in the new year the full website will be launched but will be invite only. If you’re interested in Deltr then pop along to the site and leave us your email address so we can notify you when the full web app launches sometime next year.

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