Why do I need a website, surely it’s just money I don’t need to spend when times are hard? This is a comment we hear a lot, especially in these times of austerity, but your website should make you money, not loose you money.

A while ago we built a website for an IFA in Hampshire called Protection & investment Ltd. They had an old, not so well designed website with a lot of very technical IFA text that wasn’t very customer friendly. The goal was to create a new site with a web design that would feel friendly and give the user the information they needed, quickly and easily and in plain English. The website also needed to bring in new leads and create new business.

Our solution was to build a website on a content management system that would allow P & I control over news and resources and other content. The web design was created to be simple, clear and easy to navigate with well defined call to action points on every page to draw the user into making contact. The new website (link to site) was a resounding success and continues to bring in new business for P & I.

The service provided by KC Web Design was excellent. They took the time to understand my requirements and objectives and created an excellent website for my business. They have a good knowledge of the IFA market which really showed up in the design of the website which is clean, simple and highly effective. The traffic to my website has increased substantially and it is generating good quality business leads which have more than paid for the initial cost.

So, back to the original question – why do I need a new website? Well, it’s all about Return on investment. A new website shouldn’t be seen as wasted money, it should be seen as an investment. P & I have seen a 25% increase in traffic and new leads coming in every month. From their business perspective the site has made them more money than it originally cost which means they’ve made a return on their investment. The website was roughly £1500 and each new customer is worth roughly £750 to them in new business. All they needed the website to do was bring in two new customers and it has paid for itself. The website has brought in many, many more customers over the last 6 months and has increased turnover for them by an amount that far exceeds the initial outlay on the new site. So, don’t just get a new website, get a new website that brings in new business, get a new website that gives you a return on your investment.