kc web design Kent iPhone app designIt seems like every other week there’s a new weather app for the iPhone. All beautifully designed with lots of swiping and pinching but all missing one key point – a lot of people that use weather apps don’t just want todays temperature and a nice cloud icon, they want weather information, all weather information. As the talented Mark Boulton tweeted the other day…

The problem with pretty weather apps on iOS is the data is usually pretty shitty and generic. I want beautiful *and* accurate. And by accurate, I actually mean nerdy. I want beautiful *and* nerdy. Is that even possible? Ever?

Well Mark, at kc web design Kent we think beautiful and nerdy IS possible, which is why kc web design Kent have been working on a new weather app for iOS called Cirrus One which we’ll be launching later this year. The main focus of Cirrus One is to make weather apps useful again as well as looking great. And by useful we mean nerdy, and full of weather information, not just a summary but all the data you need to satisfy any weather nerd. Initially we’ll be dealing with weather data for the UK only from the Met Office but phase 2 will allow us to integrate other weather data for other parts of the world. The data is very important so we’re spending time making sure the data for each location is accurate before we start using it and for the UK the Met Office is by far the best.

Even though Cirrus One will look great and have all the relevant weather data you’ll need it will also have a killer feature that will make every designer and weather nerd rejoice. We can’t say what it is right now – ssshhhhh, it’s top secret – but it will change the way you use weather apps for good and is completely unique within the marketplace. Stay tuned for more info here or signup for launch info on the Cirrus One website.

And if you have a great iOS app idea and need a team of designers and developers to bring it to life then give kc web design Kent a call for a chat.