Canterbury is a lovely town and being a website designer in Canterbury means being in a wonderful place to be creative. kc web design love being a web design company in Canterbury, theres no better place and its just about to get better!

Another great reason to be a web designer or developer in Canterbury are the Canterbury Geek Nights. Oxford have had successful Geek nights for quite a few years now and Simon Mohr transferred the success of the Oxford nights over to Canterbury a few years ago. Sadly, just as kc web design moved from Oxford to Canterbury the geek nights stopped.

After a few years of waiting for them to return, and still no sign of the Canterbury Geek nights being resurrected, I decided to contact Simon and see what was happening. It turns out that Simon was thinking about getting the Canterbury Geek Nights back up and running so I offered to help. Its taking us some time to find a new venue but the geek nights will be returning in the next few months and will again connect the geeks of Canterbury! kc web design will also be trying to bring a new angle to the nights and introduce more design related talks, guests and debates.

Watch the Canterbury Geeks website for more info and watch this space…