Its been a long time since I’ve posted on the website, but with very good reason. We’ve been working for a few years with Fujitsu UK helping redesign parts of the website, working on small microsites and doing other design and web work. Last year we started working with Fujitsu Global as well and so things got a little busier.

The Fujitsu UK website has hundreds of thousands of pages and is built on a bit of an old system run by a no so user-friendly CMS. We’ve been battling with this CMS for years trying to create nicer looking pages. But finally, last year, the CMS and core website code was changed. Its now fully responsive (I know, I know, its 2018) and allows us to create proper custom code and designs. Our job is now a lot easier, and with a lot of pages to start migrating over to the new layout, a lot busier as well.

We’ve just recently launched a brand new design for the Fujitsu UK blog and we’re also working on a few side projects – more info to come.