Good web design is key to a successful website. In todays fast moving online marketplace – and with attention spans becoming increasingly minimal – you have a very small window to convince new users that your website is the one they should use. With less than 5 seconds to project that image of professionalism and insure that your new user has the confidence in your company that will make them decide on you and only you, the way your website looks is very, very important. The best way to achieve this is through good web design and well structured content.

Good web design should illicit an emotional response from the user while good information architecture should illicit a logical response. Separating out the design in to these two areas means we can make sure your website has instant impact but also has a good structure with easy to find content and a logical flow to navigation elements and key information.

We also understand that good websites aren’t just about looking nice, they also need to engage the user, give the user the information they’re looking for, guide the user into making decisions and make the whole user experience effective and fulfilling. Even the simplest of websites needs to achieve certain goals, whether thats just as a brochure site, a lead generation site or a full e-commerce web site.

At kc web design we take great care in designing your website and making sure it is perfect for your users. We’ll research your competitors, take a good look at your industry and make sure that the website we design and build fulfils all your business needs.

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